Did you know that if you suffer from anaemia your body struggles to produce healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body?

Anaemia Can Cause Dizziness, Fatigue, and Pale Skin

Iron is an essential mineral for human beings. This mineral helps the production of haemoglobin; proteins in red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body.

For those experiencing anaemia, you are encouraged to take supplements such as Ferrovit that contains folic acid, ferrous fumarate and vitamin B12.

In addition, Ferrovit is safe for all adults, even pregnant women!

Unsure if You Have Anaemia Or Iron Deficiency?

About Ferrovit


Ferrous Fumarate


A crucial component in the production of haemoglobin.


Folic Acid


Folic acid plays a vital role in blood formation and red blood cell production. Pregnant women who have anaemia are encouraged to take folic acid to help with the production of red blood cells.


Vitamin B12 / Cobalamin


Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that is necessary for the formation of healthy red blood cells.

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